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On Psychology of Beauty

People's speech, motives, interests, mediation, personality traits and values changes over time and in different settings and subcultures. I've developed a new psychology field that to a greater extent is about how we consume and live the actual life in comparison to Aesthetics, Ethics and a World of Beauty, Attraction, Economic Growth, Fun and Aging. In a practical view this new "metapsychology" of mine, which could be named "Beauty Psychology", is a different new perspective, path and fundamental chance of our traditional thoughts. Beauty Psychology is governed of an interest, desire and demand in my daily clinical practice, asking e.g. how the Beauty is creatively integrated and manifested in my clients' and all their main business's lives, aging processes and living.

How can we challenge, avoid, escape, handle and live with, those built-in lures, perversions, deficiencies and dysfunction's that our lives also contain? How can we seriously laugh in a world of wilderness, darkness, carnal decay, catastrophic accidents, œcopathy, unfaithfulness, envy, jealousy, aggression and abuse? How could we consider, understand, interpret, consume and speak about our lives in more beauty productive aspects despite this embarrassment lack and its different interventions? Primarily I'm a practicing psychologist concerned with speech. Psychology, in my point of view, is a never ending science and process understanding humanity and wealth out of speech, language, behavior, tradition and culture, only limited by life itself (birth and death), concerned with analyzing, constructing, re-building and re-creating the most perfect, optimal, productive, fashionable, beautiful and aesthetic aspects of our daily lives. Everything else is secondary sources or other scientific fields/ideas. My acting, writing, speaking and presentation emphasizing a beauty world, aesthetic living, phenomenolgy of the gaze, looks and speaking, magnetic charm and enthusiasm, appeal and charisma, autentic genuine growth, beauty aging, quality and life satisfaction have earned reputation as one of the most requested psychology teachings and new psychology techniques in Europe. Lectures at the
Eliazon New Queen Teaching Institute in Gothenburg and Östersund, Sweden are attended by: intellectuals, teachers, bankers, CEOs, counselors, business leaders, politicians, actors, designers, social workers, health care people, students etc.

Through normative research methods have I establish a set of new concepts and norms that more truly and typical reflect modern behavior, thoughts and speech, than earlier theoreticians descriptions have done:
The New Queen - a concept describing authentic leadership, female role models, the structure of consumption and need of self-esteem, self-knowledge and self-awareness.
The Gaze of Success - this is a concept that describes the desire of the Gaze and our needs of help, dependence, recognition etc. Explaining winning marketing strategies and economic growth through e.g. advertising and consuming.
Voice of Commandatore - a concept from Mozart's opera don Giovanni (a retelling story of Don Juan) explaining e.g. neurosis and psychosis, psychological disorders, desire, hope and life satisfaction.
Beauté World - a conceptualizing of a new positive psychology field that conclude function of vision, inner and outer beauty, wealthy people apprehension and beauty living at all.
Beauty Aging Therapy (BAT) - a new psychotherapeutic treatment approach within existential, psychodynamics and cognitive behavioral psychotherapy schools focusing particularly on aging, talent earlier experiences and life development.

Already in 1848 the poet Charles Baudelaire (1821- 1867) coined "Music is speech". Born 1955, have I taken this expression literally and permanently in understanding beauty, creativity and creative inspiration and environments. Other people that served as great inspiration for me have been Garbo, Goya, Freud, Lacan, Andersen and Strindberg. For further reading, has an extensive theoretical description quite recently (2011) been published in Swedish, by the book
Swedish Health Organizations have traditionally a "know-how" and a good reputation within the health, the recreation's and the beauty business's areas. A lead we don't want to drop to other regions in the world. Avoiding this we have less of public authority directives, better contacts with prosperity economic investors and venture capitals, universities and colleges, more cooperation with colleagues, private wealth and labor market agencies. Our business has great lucrative potential within a new alternative business segment with strong accelerated demand and possibilities: not Paradise, but a real Beauty World. Eliazon want to establish a long-term commercial co-operation and business partnerships with local companies e.g. investors, venture capitalists, a subsidiary, a joint-venture company, teaching and expert suppliers and distributors for transfer of know-how and investments in emerging markets: African, Asian and Latin American countries, as well as countries of Eastern Europe. (Contact page)
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