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Top Chief Leader and Entrepreneur Coaching Program - Target Group 

Is it possible to become a top chief leader or a great business manager through Eliazon Top Chief Leader and Entrepreneur Coaching Program? It might, depending on your own inwardly preferences, thoughts, actions and skills. Take your time and think closely about what makes people as Cory Booker (Mayoral candidate, Newark, N.J.), William Thomas(Physician and Farmer), Helen Greiner (CEO of iRobot), Mike Feinberg (Founder of KIPP), Dave Levin (Founder of KIPP), Shirley Franklin (Mayor of Atlanta), Larry Page & Sergey Brin (Founders of Google), Donna Shalala (President at University of Miami), Antonio Villaraigosa (Mayor of Los Angeles), Statesman Colin Powell, Columnist Thomas L. Friedman, Oprah Winfrey (Entertainment mogul), Howard Schultz (Chairman of Starbucks), Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple), Rick Warren (Author, pastor, and motivator), Roger Ailes (Chairman and CEO of Fox News channel), Paul Farmer & Jim Yong Kim (Founders of Partners in Health), Bill Drayton (CEO of Ashoka), Francis Collins & J. Craig Venter (Human Genome Project), David Petraeus (Lt. General in the U.S. Army), Bill & Melinda Gates (Founders of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation), Meg Whitman (President and CEO of eBay), Brian Lamb (President and CEO of C-span), Geoffrey Canada (CEO of Harlem Children's Zone), Bill Shore (Founder of Share our Strength) and Condoleezza Rice (U.S. Secretary of State), to America's best and most superior leaders? These men and women have ambitions and are giants in their fields. Their leadership styles are as varied as the organizations they manage. They also share a clearly articulated vision, measurable results and goals and instructional for future leaders.

Greater awareness of human needs and motivations, plus acceptance of the importance of personal development and interpersonal relations, has stimulated a view of entrepreneur- and leadership that makes a new kind of people become a top chief leader in business or the great commanders in an industrial or economic market. Spiritual entrepreneurs and leaders today don't wish to be seen as people who only could exercise an authoritative dominance enterprise granted to hierarchical position, physical might, control of resources, charismatic influence, or to just be commanders to others doing their jobs. Leaders and the entrepreneurs today wishes more to be seen as those who are aware of the need for change and who can inspire and motivate others to pursue worthy products and goals and achieve personal fulfilment through co-operative endeavours. That's in short why the Qilin Psychologist Consultants - Eliazon have designed the Top Chief Leader and Entrepreneur Coaching Program for entrepreneurs, business owner and leaders in an executive or presidential position in a Business Company or an other organisation.


This coaching and psychology teaching program is a powerful science based instrument, administrated by a long-term experienced distinguish psychologist, which focused on the questions, experiences and unique qualities of a positive creative entrepreneur- and leadership. At the completion of this coaching program participants will be well prepared and have find new models, strategies and behaviours in there different individual ways to manage their enterprise and leaderships.


The Coaching Program gives the participant:

- A straight and honest view of strengthen, possibilities, needs of development and priorities.

- A deeper knowledge about superior leadership, top executive management, organisation psychology, grouppsychology and an development ability to take and give constructive feedback.

- Coping strategies to maintain and use given authority and influence within her company/organisation.

- Established assumptions to manage unpleasant decisions and bad influences from other people within the enterprise or organisation.

- Give new possibilities of choice to invest power and personal energy based on need, benefits and worthy ideas and goals.

- Increased knowledge about integrity and genuine relations vs. employee demands and presumptions about organisational goals.

- Gives an increased psychological knowledge, that e.g. an entrepreneurial work culture in an organisation creates opportunities for new ideas, enhances creativity, and interprets failure more positively. This coaching approach offers several suggestions for creating this sort of entrepreneurial culture in the workplace, such as making employees partners, selling the company's vision internally, and encouraging risk taking.

- This coaching approach helps the participant entrepreneur, leader or employers find creative ways to offer non-monetary compensation strategies if they e.g. wish to retain key employees in their business

- Discussions in how networks and network building activities and other measurement help women established self-esteem and self-confidence in their business and female leadership. (Though the playing field for women and men in business has become more level, women leaders and entrepreneurs still seem to be more comfortable asking other female leaders for mentoring, supervision, advice and discussing business issues.)

- The Top Chief Leader and Entrepreneur Coaching Program is dedicated to (in a personal way) teach fundamental principles of entrepreneurship and how to start and lead such business with all the people involved. Presentations explain basic psychological promotion efforts, entrepreneurship concepts and personnel administration. The participant could practice real business methods and should learn the distinct differences between an employer or entrepreneur and an employee.

- After completed this coaching program might the participants be prepared to: lead new creative psychology study groups, facilitate new creative emotional support groups, host interfaith discussion groups, present new creative classes and seminars, develop a life coaching business, facilitate workshops and retreats.


Livia (57 BC - 29 AC). Livia's pioneering role as the first wife and mother of emperors helps explain her ambiguous presentation in the ancient sources. In Roman literature a prominent woman is often depicted in one of two ways. On the one hand, she may appear as a traditional Roman matron, best exemplified by Cornelia, mother of the Gracchi. Such a matron derives her importance solely from her role as a wife and mother who does not cross into the realm of politics. On the other, an overly conspicuous woman whose influence is seen as exceeding that appropriate for her sex is often caricatured as a scheming virago, dangerous to her rivals and society as a whole. The literary sources apply both of these characterizations to Livia. While Livia's wealth and influence during Augustus' reign surpassed that of women before her, Livia's acquisition and use of these were still in keeping with republican practice. Only with the development of the domus Augusta later in Augustus' reign did her role become dynastic, and it was not until the accession of Tiberius that Livia attained a singular position. - This program is designed to guarantee a secure, comfortable and open atmosphere where all experience's and possibilities could be penetrated and discussed.

- The holistic character of the coaching approach also includes participants' willingness to explore even private aspects inwards and outwards her self.

- A video tape recording might be one method to help the participant to get a better understanding of her skills and abilities.

- The participant will have the opportunity to learn strategically behaviour alternative and measurements.

- The Coaching Program could be modified out of your own or your company's presumptions and desiderata.


Two days every other month during 1 1/2 year.


Individual and group sessions. Lectures.


By Agreement


Gothenburg or Östersund City - Sweden

The Coaching Program implicates follow up sessions, and can include certification (extra fee):

Content in certification:

  • authentic top leadership skills
  • leader qualities and management styles
  • strategic and quality management
  • customer relationship management
  • management of harassment and violence in the workplace
  • emotionell and social competence and skills
  • generating awareness
  • engagement and effective actions
  • critical and strategic thinking
  • creativity and great enthusiasm
  • employee motivation and behavior
  • effective communication skills
  • employee evaluation and training
  • different personality traits and tests
  • conflict resolution and shutdowns
  • stress and anger management technique
  • training of different management skills
  • leadership development plan
  • leader coaching and supervision


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