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New Queen Success Tour

Success in Child Care, Motherhood and Career - take your New Queen Tour 

Lady Godiva and St. Bridget lived in the early 1000's. Both wanted a real change and a new hope in their lives and the circumstances under which they lived. Both did something about it, and went on winning some remarkable success with their unexpected break-up and unusual conduct. Do you want to achieve more success in child care, motherhood or career? Want to be a more successful mother or just need a vacation and a father figure's participation and understanding? What´s success career for mothers and women today? Welcome to psychologist Eliazon Web Sites. Eliazon is a practitioner who applies psychological training, knowledge and teaching to assess and help children and adults in healthier living and such psychology matters.

Sometimes we have difficulties juggling with all the demands of children, husbands, friends and jobs. We might have got too much stress in our lives, are afraid of things or just bored and need more time. We might need a better balance between personal life and work. For sure it's not always easy to be the single successful mother and especially without good father figures and their participation. Even if we want to achieve what we really wants we don't always want to be like our mother's. That's in short why Eliazon here are offering a outstanding combination of advise, psychotherapy, adventure and vacation - the Beauty Aging Therapy or New Queen Tour in Östersund, Sweden. In duration of five to ten days, you can enjoy some of the best and most restful life experiences in Northern Europe in the Östersund area in the Swedish County of Jämtland. As my guest, you will experience this spectacular, wild country in the best possible way, and at the same time meeting a willing certified gentleman and guide for the greatest and most private questions, beliefs and thoughts in your life. Let this high educated fundamental stranger set you in the primary focus of your own life circumstances for a few days, and you should be inspired by stunning perspectives, psychological knowledge, awareness, attention and understanding, and treat yourself from debts, ambivalence and low self-esteem with this holiday of your dreams. You don't regret it!

With a broad range experienced psychologist, in childcare, motherhood and woman's beauty ageing and other psychological health issues, can you each day under your vacation, sharpen your skills of striving for excellent performance and get really professional help to achieve the goals you want to achieve. Together could we improve integrity, flexibility, abilities, creativity and your cognitive emotional and social strength and performance? You might want to strengthen your capacity and ability to manage anger and desires, feel excitement, have fun, mobilise motivation and interest. You maybe want to learn how to create enthusiasm, mobilise and manage your inspiration and lust, create happiness, mobilise argument and engagement, feel and meet experiential pleasure and satisfaction (e.g. in experiencing parenthood or menopause), improve creativity, create engender, find relief, improve calmness and create retreat. Other focuses might be to strengthen self-esteem, self-fulfilment, self-respect and self-confidence and to sharpen capacity to manage relations and relationships, passion and enthusiasm. Usually people want to improve their abilities to manage longing, gloominess, stress, fear, anxiety, fatigue and depression.

This undertakings works of course best if you are really committed to a continual self improvement and surely want to make a difference. Vision, aspirations and a desire to develop the best your personality can be increase the effects of our work together and support the reaching of therapeutic goals. If you are open to new ideas and insights, want to get the most out of your work and are willing to take a chance with new approaches this could be your perfect match. In a process of this spirit will Eliazon enable you to unlock your full potential, improve your performance significantly, increase your satisfaction and enthusiasm, and develop your capability to bring about real change, a delightful experience and step of development in your life.

These efforts could be combined with a lot of different activities and accommodations including e.g. shopping, skiing (in one of Europes greatest ski resorts), horseback riding, nature walks, sightseeing tours, spectacular views of the surrounding invigorating mountains, Swedish festivals, amusement parks and museums etc. Certainly we also can take care for booking your hotel accommodation and other activities. Get inspired by the enormous land area of wilderness and silence and we could arrange a drive on scenic roads through the landscape and the big lake of Storsjön. Certainly you will have time to try some of the specialities of the area. Don't ask yourself if you could afford it, ask your self if you want to achieve a true knowledge and understanding of the gifted person you might be. Complete the questionnaire below (so I have some clues to who you are) and I will contact you for further information and discussion.

Some Topics for Your Consideration, Counseling and Therapy:

Achieve Personal and Financial Success
Addictions/ Alcohol
Addictions/ Drug
Addictions/ Sex
Addictions/ Shopping
Addictions/ Smoking
Addictions/ Work
Adjustment Disorders/ Relationship Problems
Adventure Therapy
Anger Management
Anxiety/Somatoform/Dissoc Disorders
Apparent and Personal Style
Attention, Desire and Satisfaction
Authority and Poise
Beauty, Glamour and Fashion Preference
Behavioural and Cognitive Therapy
Behavioural Health Assessment
Be in Business for yourself
Become the millionaire next door
Brain Injury/Serious Phys Trauma
Career Evaluation/ Counseling
Commanding Presence
Communicating Message and Will
Counseling Adolecents
Counseling Adults
Counseling Children
Crisis Intervention
Development Disorders
Dissociate Identity Disorder
Eating Disorders
Early Childhood Development
Employment Issues
Employeé Evaluation
Ethic Minorities/Cultural Issues
Ethics in Business
Experiential Education
Expressive Therapy
Father Figure
Family Therapy Counseling
Forensic Evaluations Adult
Forensic Evaluations Children/ Adolecent
Forensic Intervention
Gender Issues & Differences
Grief Counseling
Happiness and Joy
Health Consultations
Income Producing Personal Growth
Impaired Professionals
Job Satisfaction and Financial Well-being
Job Stress
Leadership Issues
Learning Disabilities
Leave Fiscal Worries
Life Coaching
Live a Richer Life
Living the Life of your Dreams
Love Issues
Making Lifestyle Decisions.
Marriage/ Marital/ Couples Therapy/ Counseling
Menopause symptoms
Mood Disorders
Mother and Child Issues
Multiple Personality Disorder
New Priority Setting
Obcessive Compulsive Disorder
Org Develop
Personality Disorder
Postmenopausal symptoms
Prosperity in Life
Psych Test Adults
Psych Test Child/Adol
Qualities of Talent and Power
Respect Commander
Ritual Abuse
Sexual Abuse
Single Parent Issues
Sleep Disorders
Speech Language Pathologist
Success coaching program
Therapeutic adventure (Therapy Within Adventure)
The Joy of Frugality
Thinking and Growing Rich
Turn Debts into Golden Investments
Vocabulary Skills
What the rich teach their kids


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