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Women's Self Esteem

This is another little story on the Beauty and The Beast thematic, where an admiration for men, takes an unexpected new and more earnest and awesome direction. This is the true story, to tell your sister, on when a women should take rescue and runaway from her beast and beast love. A tale, where's men threatening women's self esteem, self-confidence and security, through verbal threats, assaults, harassment, aggressiveness, drugs, drunkenness and violence.

Some children grows up in really criminal or miserable atmospheres we call "Born in Sin, Nurtured in Crime". Hundreds of these children haven't heard of a noblemen, but have at least got a drunken father and maybe a decadent mother, who made no provision for their comfort, and scarce any for their physical existence, beyond something they sometimes called their homes. Not unusually these kids say: - Please teacher, let me run home and see how mother does-I am afraid father will come home and hurt her.

On the other hand - in common, women meeting men that hurt or abuse them are mostly very ordinary intelligent kind, warmly generous and forgivingly people, ordinary beauties in days of our lives, sometimes with an underestimating belief of there own gifts, needs and talent. In some very motherly cases, they are longing after an own child in such extent that they met an adult orphan a violent aggressive baby. First, this Beast seems to be a very charming and nice fellow, but ends up to be more like a rapacious animal and true psychopath. This shift in behavior can occur suddenly when the Beast sometimes have taken alcoholic or other drugs, and when he risks taking adult responsibilities e.g. becoming a father.

In this "shifts" the reality Beast starts manipulating his Beauty Fiancé in a way she get an increased and uncanny feeling of uncertainty on her own capabilities, beauty and beliefs. First, the manipulation system implements "just" verbal harassment (e.g. comments and demands on appearance, looks and sexuality) but later physical violence and abuse. The couple might be more isolated from earlier friends and relationships and the woman's self-esteem are decreasingly falling down. Emotionally is this increasingly catastrophic for mrs Beauty's possibilities to separate from the Beast and get rescue. Her gift of kindness, generosity and forgiveness becomes more and more like a stone around her neck. Mostly these women, the realities Beauty, stay in their situation for such a long time because the Beast made her to week and uncertain to make a separation.

Existing verbal death threats and harassment are sufficient for me to assert that the Beauty should leave the guy that states such threats. If some one hits her it is worse, and she has to escape this circumstance. The Beauty are worth more and a better living than so! Men that hit women suffer of severe control needs combined with an extreme narcissistic disposition of self-sufficiency and self-sufficient behavior. A Self-sufficient disposition that make these Beast unjustified to taking treatment, in special a prolonged and expensive treatment that takes several years to implement.

A guy that hits his woman acts per definition in a psychotic manner during the abuse, violence or assaults (he unconsciously thinks of himself as the King or God). This Beast of mankind is unbounded and lost to a perverted sadistic liberty that makes him free to conduct an aggressiveness that he actually wants nobody outside his household to take control over or see, and never on his own hand can take proper control over. The Beauty (as the item for the violence) can never legally forbid his perverted acting out behaviors and thereby set a definitive boundary for him. The women, herself functions as a victim and alibi, in order to protect and secure his most pervert fantasies of being God and his will to continue assaulting people. If he abuse her sexually, he considers it as a law from God or nature, consuming her body one-sided without concerns or thoughts on her future pleasure and jouissance. Concepts to put one's confidence in such as love, trust, faith and reliance are unknown for the Beast. He lacks what I otherwise have named a Voice of Commandore within himself.

The ban to stop assaults must always come from those outwardly the relationship itself. Based on, but due to its perverted disposition and self-sufficiency exists a risk that the Beast also tries to evade them that set the boundaries for him. Some very long therapeutic treatments stand to offer for these men. In successful cases (when the client can faith themselves to handle aggressiveness and abuse on other ways and is not psychopathic structured), can the ban against conducting the violence gradually be integrated as Voice of Commandore, in their own identity.

As woman, knowing you have no guilt, should the Beauty always leave this violence suckling or abusing men in order too not risk their own (and their [coming] children's) lives in an accelerating boundary examination and violence helix. If you in initial want to escape from this kind of man, to an unknown address, should you not draw yourself in order to commit such runaway. A nice woman should definitely never tolerate to take death threats, extreme harassment and abuse from anyone. She should immediately quit this destructive relationship. Especially in order to show her own children (or children to come), that mama at least have boundaries, although some Beast father lacks it and believes he alone can stretch them to a race to hell. The violence man's dread and accusations about the woman's unfaithfulness' is most often nothing other than the Beast own, but on the woman projected picture of his own borderline personality.

Do a well thought-out and honest report to the police department can be a boundary setting mark and is a subsidence that you should not draw yourself in order to do. In mostly Western countries have women legal rights getting protection against men conducting threats or assaults. Court can impose various forms of contact restrictions (e.g. the Beast can be taken in the vicinity of your home etc.) Certain police districts have special protection packets that one provides. Women are guaranteed security so long the risk exists, according to established legal practices and legislation in many countries.

Under traumatized circumstances described above, the woman does not only loose personal self-confidence and self-esteem; additionally the Beauty also risks her good faith and confidence on mankind, life and humanity as well. It's my hope that this realities Beauty not draw herself in order to apply for more aid that is confidential, protective and understanding from friends and relatives, work colleagues, personnel and staff within schools and workplaces.

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