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Beauté World

To face a Beautè World is something for our mind to feed on, a certain triumph and satisfaction demanded by our existence in the world. Beautè World insert a function whose exercise grasps in and makes us feel more happy and perceiving the effects of our life less lacking and more in a desired lighting. Beauty (in French: beauté) is a characteristic present in a person, place, object or idea that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure, meaning, desire or satisfaction to the mind arising from sensory manifestations such as a voice, gaze, shape, colour, personality, sound, taste, traits, olfaction, design or rhythm.

 Face a Beauté World - World of Beauty - Miss World The Beauté World is studied as part of aesthetics, sociology, psychology and culture. Beauté World as a cultural creation is sometimes extremely commercialised. The subjective experience of "Beauté World" often involves the interpretation of some entity as being in balance and harmony with nature, which may lead to feelings of attraction and emotional well being.

In another sense the function of a Beauté World is a trap. As Sigmund Freud have showed us in his paper "Instincts and their Vicissitudes" the split between gaze and vision will enable us to add the scopic drive to the list of other fundamental human drives. Indeed, it is this scopic drive in the Beauté World that most completely eludes the psychoanalytical term; castration and constitute a lack of separation and alienation in the human being. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is a common phrase attributed to this concept. In its most profound sense, beauty may engender a salient experience of positive reflection about the meaning of one's own existence. An "object of beauty" or "the Beauté World" is anything that reveals or resonates with personal meaning.

Inner and Outer Beauty

Philospher Immanuel Kant noted that the Beauté World seems to possess both subjective and objective qualities. A common idea suggests that beauty exist in the appearance of things and people that are good. Also, most people judge physically attractive human beings to be good, both physically and on a deeper level. Specifically, they are believed to possess a variety of positive traits and personality characteristics. The characterisation of a person as 'beautiful' is based on some combination of inner or outer beauty.

Inner beauty include psychological factors such as life satisfaction, personality, creative skills and talent, social and emotional intelligence, self-confidence, self-awareness, charisma, grace, exuberance, equanimity, positive energy, joie de vivre, charm, personal magnetism, personal appeal, allure, elegance.

Outer beauty includes physical factors such as expression and communication of intentions, emotions and ideas, clothing and symbols of social/marital status, power, habits, activities, personal independence, occupation, health, youthfulness, symmetry, complexion, wealth and richness. Judgement of attractiveness of physical traits is partly universal to all human cultures, partly dependent on culture or society or time period, and partly a matter of individual subjective preference.

With a Freudian view are the Beautè World a "Vorstellungsrepräsentantz", that means something that stands as a representation of my self and my own desire, encouraging safety, structure and identification. Beautè World captures our attention and delights us. A certain pact, a go-between with divinity, may be signed beyond every manifestation of the Beautè World. The god Beautè World represents - is also looking at it, perceiving it. A manifestation of Beautè World is the good eye that blesses and gives a new and different meaning to the terms- my good life.

Psychologist Eliazon applies psychological training and knowledge, personal styling, counselling, teaching, edutainment and understanding to assess and help people in jobs, school, family, art, life & style, complementary with each other to a healthier living and a Beauté World. Eliazon acting, writing, speaking and presentation emphasising genuine growth, beauty, quality and life satisfaction have earned reputation as most requested psychology teaching and psychological practice within Beauté World issues in Western Europe.


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