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Beauty Aging Therapy

On daughters of Zeus and the secrets of beauty ageing.

Eliazon is a psychologist practitioner who applies psychological training, knowledge and teaching to assess and help children and adults in healthier living and psychology matters.

Is it possible to get young children's age of innocence, dignity, grace and self-esteem back? Grow old and more glamorous through a new therapy method called Beauty Aging Therapy? Yes it’s possible in some extent. In the Greek Mythology there was three beautiful goddesses, daughters of Zeus and Eurynome, which was believed to personify and bestow charm, grace and beauty. These Graces (Euphrosyne, Aglaia and Thalia), were the goddesses of all joyful activities, presiding over banquets, dance, social enjoyment and the elegant arts. What is it that makes a person charismatic, charming, graceful or beautiful, and what makes her having or showing the talent, charm, attractiveness, wisdom, graces and elegance, in ways that can inspire devotion? What make it possible to succeed attaining, achieving, producing and withstanding this gracility, gracefulness, talent, wisdom or beauty, despite the fact of aging and loss of youthfulness?

How could experience, talent and beauty, growth throughout the ageing processes itself, and create promote and develop a greater and more glamorous grace, charisma, self-confidence, wisdom and faith? Ideals of beauty and glamour changes and are often bound to youthfulness and thinness and are therefore unrealistic for most people. People renowned for their glamourous life, prosperity and beauty, often seem to find it difficult to accept an aging process, especially if much of their self-perception and feelings of worth are tied to their appearance. Healthy prosperity graceful aging, even with loss of youth, beauty and vitality in later life, are often associated with low risk of disease and disease-related disability, high mental and physical function and active engagement in life. Researchers have demonstrated that a healthier living in early life could predict a more successful and healthier aging later. These easy to maintain predictors for a healthier later aging process include e.g.:

    1. To not be a smoker or to quiet smoking at young age.
    2. Use adaptive coping style strategies.
    3. Do not abuse alcohol and other drugs.
    4. Maintain a healthy weight.
    5. Have stability in job and marriage.
    6. To engage in some exercise (at least walking 15 minutes each day).
    7. Gain a good education and self-awareness.

Cognitive, emotionally and physiological changes occur naturally with increasing chronological age:
Progressive decline in body mass.
Decrease in the strength per unit of muscle mass.
Changes in the cardiovascular structure.
Declined changes and loss of the skin plasticity, vitality and beauty.
Cognitive and emotionally decline (e.g. Loss and declined declarative or episodic memory, information processing, inductive reasoning, speech and language, depression, anxiety).

Beauty Aging Therapy™ – The New Treatment Approach!

Sometimes people asks me how I could keep on working in a kind of work like this, where I’m in a daily psychotherapeutic business meet people with different problems of what we call psychological disorders. –Isn’t it tiring? They say, proposing me to take some rest, offering kind advice, when I’m seem to be exhausted after a session. What kind of practice is this work counselling other peoples perversion, neurotic feelings, doubts, ambivalence, depressive moods, aggressions, anxiety, panic, abuse, fear and other psychological health issues? It’s a hard consistence work, it’s a struggle sometimes that’s for true, but beneath all it’s a privileged work with things in life which makes sense, makes us feel good, well, happy, satisfied, glamorous, fashionable and even more beautiful and charismatic! I will describe the psychotherapeutic methods I maintain in three simple words: Beauty Aging Therapy. Because, this is what’s on stake, in every interpretation, belief, sentence, desire of certainty, understanding, conclusion and meanings. A living where all the life possibilities seems to be a never ending story, causes stressful feelings for many people to reach higher levels of fulfilment, satisfaction and attraction. A circumstance in life, which may cause hopelessness, depression, hunger, emptiness, alienation, anger and even death, all comes up in what I will give the name: Beauty Aging Therapy.

Beauty Aging Therapy™ is a structured method, concept, conclusion, understanding and answer to those people who suffer any kind of disapproval living the life they have get or created for them self's. Beauty Aging Therapy™ is an essentially new psychotherapy approach and method with an eclectic psychotherapeutic framework. Someone could only use the name and method's, if they've gain eliazon licensing, training or certification. Beauty Aging Therapy™ (BAT) is an individual intense, lonely journey along the path's and determination factors that causes different disapproval's in life, but beyond all it's light, reunion, happiness, trust and new possibilities.

The BAT-method is a new method for both children and adolescents as well as for adults and elder people. An essential issue in the concept of Beauty Aging Therapy™ are not your perception or preference of a beautiful body, skills or other abilities. The essential issue emphasise what it's realy means to have become e.g. 7, 17, 27, 47 or 87 years old and what this age, in it's self, sustain for your psychological possibilities, cognitive development or impairment, experience, conclusions, expressions and competence. What difference and significance does this age have on the specific subject's psychological appearance, gender, identification, consciousness, desire, needs and demands? How could and should this unique particular person enjoys the beauty of life and it's existentially possibilities in a true authentic way?

What are the principals and how could Beauty Aging Therapy™ help me?

Beauty Aging Therapy...
1. Strengthening the subject’s enthusiasm and motivation to do right things and to maintain or create a natural interest, beauty, elegance and charisma.
2. Reduce emotional and cognitive stress and pressure.
3. Teach how to inspire loyalty and obedience with a perceived legitimacy from others.
4. Release personal insight and potential for effective life decisions, development, authority, integrity, faith and growth.
5. Changing troublesome, bad and painful habits and reinforces good habits.
6. Modify negative thinking, acting out behaviours and speech.
7. Increase the subject’s self-knowledge, self esteem, self confidence, satisfaction, insights, creativity and self-control.
8. Emphasise interpersonal relationships and actual social interplay with other people.
9. Effecting changes in your social environment through a more charismatic authority, legitimized on the basis of your own personal qualities.
10. Increase or decrease body awareness, relaxation and altering negative somatic processes with psychological interpretations and measurements.

The approach and focus in Beauty Aging Therapy™ are:

A. To help the subject to retusché and re-conceptualise her experience and history of unpleasant or insufficient psychological or mental health.

B. To help the client attain a psychosexual maturity, gender identification and strengthen ego functions, due and essential to the age of the client and the beautifully world of subcultures, pleasure’s, happiness, prosperity and joy surrounding her/him.

C. To release the subjects potential, possibilities, abilities and expanding awareness about the every moments in which we live.

D. To replace maladaptive, dysfunctional behaviours and cognitive thinking impairment with authentic happiness, grace, self-confidence, faith, consistency, significance, awareness, certainty, facts, truth, meaning in life and jouissance.



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