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Eliazon is a practitioner who applies psychological training, knowledge and teaching to assess and help children and adults in healthier living and psychology matters.

Some of us have money on a bank account, a watch from Gucci and the suits are designed by Armani. Things proposing success, wellness, beauty, style and prestige. But why aren’t we happy and satisfied? We might have confidence and manners but in our hearts we don’t recognise any emotional feelings of real love, harmony, trust or faith. For other people the life expresses itself as a suffering, lonely painful walk in an empty long corridor, a terrible line of disasters. Expensive psychotherapeutic sessions have failed and the catastrophic thoughts are all the same. Self-knowledge for understanding how evil we are, consciousness to realise our scruples and an obsessive-compulsive desire for repetition of our mistakes? Some people seem to wait for a Jesus-figure and some of us are waiting for Cain. There are some that stopped looking and some that started looking again. There are those who want to decide for themselves and those who could die for their certainty and beliefs. Some have dreams and intentions but don’t know what to believe.

In the western countries today welfare services are well establish and comprehensive. We live in a contradictory, ambiguous period of time, which demands our flexibility, and consists in unlimited possibilities (e.g. in time, career, places, relationships and other stimulation) that make us more and more in a state of psychological confusion and disorganised condition. This period of time could be referred to as The Era of Possibilities. The possibilities include both positive and negative traits where the most severed problems involve a loss of wholeness, certainty and safety, where self-apparition and self-confidence could be injured and insecure.

The function of the possibilities follows what psychologists has called the petit a, and could as such increase anxiety and desire. This means that our possibilities also are the number one stress trigger. The Cashmere Lifestyle is a potential alternative to the stressful living situation described above. Cashmere Lifestyle means a calm, polite and conscious decline to different forms of seductive and demanding possibilities in life. For others this might look like a conceited arrogance, but it’s a true scientific self-knowledge. You have probably already gained this integrity, self-confidence, emotional warmth and an inner psychological strength throe what we call Beauty Aging Therapy. The Cashmere Lifestyle is an outwardly prolonging symbolic outline (a couturier and an outfit) of the ambitions in this therapy. You don’t need to succumb to temptations and pressure from other people, as you used to. You can lay down your gaze, and the missed possibility doesn’t bother you anymore.

The Age of Innocence

Cashmere Lifestyle implements a tribute to life naturally essentials; good manners, listening, integrity, silence, warmth, wilderness, quality (instead of quantity), authority, honour, piece and quite, interest, creativity, beauty, fashion, self-knowledge, future, health, ideal, jouissance, faith, courage, fun, desire and joy. The benefits in Cashmere Lifestyle are that you could maintain an inwardly sense of wholeness, certainty, safety and psychological health, beneath an outwardly charisma of wisdom and strength. An expression of the mentioned decline can you meet in the movie: The Age of Innocence (directed by Martin Scorsese 1993,from a book by author Edith Wharton), where’s Society scion Newland Archer is engaged to May Welland, but his well-ordered traditional life is upset when he meets May's unconventional cousin Ellen Olenska. Ellen is May's mysterious cousin, who arrives in New York and creates a stir merely by attending the opera. After marrying a Polish count and living in Europe for a number of years, she has determined that her husband is too much of a scoundrel to bear. She has left him, apparently with the help of his secretary, and has returned to New York to seek a divorce. In light of the rules of propriety, her situation is scandalous and risks the good name of her family. In contrast to May, Ellen represents sophistication, worldliness, and tragedy. Having lived outside the New York milieu, Ellen has acquired "Bohemian" tastes, and she has become an independent woman. Her disregard of New York rules of conduct intrigues Newland. The Cashmere Lifestyle is an interface between inner psychological weakness and strength as described in such a story, and an outwardly developed elegant human character. An inwardly and outwardly style collected by experience and the subjects lifespan.

The inwardly style is a hard work gained by re-establish of psychological strategies for learning, counselling and introspection, throe scientific used psychological methods and assessments, articulated, experienced and proved by the personal individual life circumstances, culture environment and actual behaviour (see Beauty Aging Therapy). The outwardly style are an other hard work maintained by a sophisticated psychological analysis of culture, manners and sub-culture codes, social customs, design, trends, tradition, haute couture, quality, earlier lifestyle and individuality. The training in outwardly ability throe the Cashmere Lifestyle approach focus on the timelessness beauty and the timelessness attributes, good and exquisite manners and in a insisting attitude too insert the every moments in daily life.

A Cashmere Couturier designs makes or sells expensive, fashionable Cashmere clothes (e.g. Cashmere sweaters for women). Some characteristic of Cashmere garments is that they are good at keeping dry and have a most remarkable feel and durability. They are extraordinary comfortable to wear. Cashmere products are thermoregulating and is both lighter and warmer than wool. Cashmere clothes are made of luxurious natural fibres from a Mongolian goat grows of soft short hair – Cashmere. The length measures the quality of raw cashmere fibres and cross section of individual fibre.

The cashmere exported then requires experience and skill to turn them into garments of outstanding quality, style and design. High-quality cashmere always comes through Scotland, which have the necessary knowledge, fabrics and the procedures to obtain a superior-quality finished product. The higher the gauge, the finer is the cashmere product. These clothes really will makes you feel and become exquisite beautiful and elegant. For eliazon the product of Cashmere makes a metaphor for a certain kind of higher sophisticated human morality, self-knowledge and quality and an outward lifestyle – Cashmere Lifestyle.



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